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Know more on your investments | Chat Show_14 Dec16

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 | Category : Chat Show | 1 Comments
Guest: I want to go for home loan 25 lacks next year to buy a property in chennai. I can invest 20,000 per month. i would like to close this loan as soon as possible. please advice the better investment options.
Vatsal Shah: It will be good if you invest the 20K per month in a SIP which will set off against the loan it in a midcap over a period of 5-8-10 years the returns will be much higher and you will be able to repay the loan much faster
Vatsal Shah: ELSS much better option..i have not heard anything as tax saver please elaborate
Guest: I want to have 3CR after 18 year so how much should I invent pm and where should I invest ?
Vatsal Shah: Sir for 3 crores after 18 years...assuming a 12-15% cagr return you need an investment of approx 35000 per month as of today through Equity SIPs
Guest: Hi, I m 52 & quit job with benefit around 15L No further employment foreseen now. Need to invest for fixed monthly income of arround 14K/mth to meet expenses. Got 12L from pf which I need to invest for future, say for next 6 to 7 compounding interest so that I will good amount on maturity. No emi for home/car/ education r there. I m very new with no knowledge of investment other than Bank fds. Pl suggest me some suitable options .
Vatsal Shah: Sir, for Monthly income start investing in Balance Funds with monthly option of dividend this will give you 6-7% annual dividend plus you will get some capital gain..which will keep adding to the monthly returns, unfortunately 15L is not enough to generate 14k per month of will need a higher principal of 25 lacs atleast So i would suggest you invest entire amount in Balance Advantage you get your regular income + growth possibility also
Guest: I am an NRI living in UAE. I am currently investing major portion of my monthly salary in different MF schemes like equity and debt. my age is 35 . I just want to know whether putting everything in MF is right decision at this stage or i need to think about FD and property as well.
Vatsal Shah: Property is something which is important but you need to decide where to buy the property and the pricing, buying when the market is supressed is a good option which is anytime now or after next few months. remaining money since you are young it makes sense to expose to MFs only have slight benefit through NRE FDs which give 7.4% tax free, but that again is not a very great return..compared to MF
Guest: hello sir i want to know which is the best way to invest equity or forex in which we can earn more with less money ?
Vatsal Shah: Equity you will Forex not sure you will make money or loose it all
Vatsal Shah: Yes its good when you are seeing from only PPF perspective when you compare with other products it is not very attractive
Guest: Hello sir I am student from Lucknow.I want to start investing in mutual funds.I read that large cap funds are good for beginners like me Is there a minimum amount for starting with these funds??..Also between SBI,kotak and birla which one should I start with...if there are better options then please suggest..I want to start with 1000 per month..Thanks
Vatsal Shah: Hi , good you are researching somewhat the best way to pick a fund is to look for consistency of fund performance and a reasonable size AUM - too big AUM will affect the performance as they have to invest in large companies only. Also look at a Fund house which has a strong philosophy of generating returns..i would suggest you go for Birla and Franklin India - Birla SL Equity is a good option
Guest: Hello, as the debt market is voliatile currently, is it good to invest lumpsump in duration or short term funds for 2-3yrs period? Some good debt schemes to invest?
Vatsal Shah: Hello Saurpate -> our call is to invest in duration only as ultimately the inflation cooloff, slowdown in growth will impact the interest rate and will see rate look at duration
Guest: Dear Sir, I have SIP of 1 lakh per month in 8 funds for last 2 yrs. Birla Frontline 20K, Birla Equity fund 15K, ICICI value discovery 15K, HDFC midcap opportunities 10K, UTI midcap 10K, Birla pure value fund 10K, Can robeco emerging equities 10K and DSP black rock microcap 10K. Is the profile OK? Or need to change something. My view is 10 to 15yrs. I have lump sum 25 lakhs to invest now. I want to increase the ongoing SIPs with this amount through SIP only. How to do that? Thanks and regards.
Vatsal Shah: Sir it is simple, just do a top up of 2 lacs per month in each of the it will get added..alternatively shift you mutual fund to demat and you can do further buying at the click of a button and time it..or put 25 lacs..and do monthly STP in your funds..but dont go beyond these have missed out on Franklin Templeton which is also a strong and credible fund house
Guest: I am a beginner in SIP investment on my own study i have started investment of Rs.5000 per month in following SIP 1. BSL Frontline equity - 1000 2. SBI Bluechip - 1000 3. BSL equity - 1000 4. SBI Magnum equity - 500 5. Kotak select focus - 500 6. BSL tax relief 96 - 500 7. DSPBR Tax saver - 500 I want to know above funds are good for wealth creation in 10-15 yrs of time..?? My further investments are, PPF - 1 lac per annum LIC - 42000 per annum Atal pension scheme - 6000 pa
Vatsal Shah: Sir..i feel this is too much diversification - only 3 schemes would have been enough..the more schemes the more your returns get averaged out..and will match only market returns
Guest: Sir I want to invest for long term. As I am first time investor. May I get your guidance to where to park my funds , in which stock for long term to avail max benefits
Vatsal Shah: If you want to invest directly in equity then you need a strong compounding stock which is something you feel will never stop in business - consider companies like Pidilite, Ashok Leyland,
Guest: Why Reliance Pharma NAV is less than SBI Pharma, thogh both MFs were nearly simultaneously incepted ?
Vatsal Shah: Because of the quality of stock selection - its a good question but it has to be asked to the advisor who suggested to you. Too much
Guest: Sir I have invested in Uti MNC FUND DIRECT PLAN GROWTH but it`s return science last one year is not good what should I do
Vatsal Shah: Sir..MNC is a theme..and last one year only mid caps and local companies have performed..however, the quality of companies under MNC is very continue to hold
Guest: Hello sir I have amount of 5lk I want to invest can advise me
Vatsal Shah: Sir what is you requirement? and risk apettite ? many more things to consider and not only money..but if you still are not sure..then can put in Balance get benefit all asset class
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