Commodities Trading... A world of opportunities

Commodity Derivative trading brings in a basket full of diverse avenues for investment, beyond the traditional avenues of equity, bond and real estates.

Commodities like Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Metals and Agri commodities on the Commodity Futures platform of MCX & NCDEX Exchanges are the most suitable asset class, be it Hegders like Farmers, Manufacturers, Importers & Exporter for their Hedging needs or the most active players, the traders due to the fascinating volume, volatility and varied global factors which influence the prices of the commodities.

How is Hedging Useful

A physical commodity trader/user/manufacturer who takes an offsetting (Opposite) position on the futures market compared to his “physical/spot” position in order to protect or mitigate his losses arising out of commodity price fluctuations that may happen in the future.

A Trader’s Paradise

For F&O players who prefer to trade a on short-term basis in order to capture the intraday trading opportunities, commodity derivatives markets provide a great Option. Owing to the various factors that constantly influence the commodity prices globally and resultant volatility, the highly leveraged contracts, the long trading hours, the select few commodities to focus on and price volatility makes it exciting for traders to constantly keep tapping profit opportunities. However anyone who is new to the commodities markets MUST understand the risks involved in derivatives trading and the must first gain prior knowledge of the commodities before trading in the same.

Key Advantage of Trading in Commodity markets:
  • Since Commodity Derivative requires very small investment compared to equity investments as initial margin to participate one of the most acclaimed platform to explore the market opportunity.
  • Limited Stocks to track compared to larger basket of equity markets.
  • Indian Commodity Market timing captures the major world markets movements thus offering larger pool of trading opportunities.
Why trade with Us?

We at Sushil Global Commodities are committed to provide an effective, personalized, dedicated professional and a wide spectrum of services as:-

  • In – House Research: in house team of professional research analyst to cater the needs of the corporates / traders.
  • Research Products:
    • Daily updates & Trading recommendations.
    • Weekly reports for positional price outlook.
    • Daily Commodity Outlook for evening session.
    • Calendar spread & Inter Commodity spread opportunity.
  • Proactive & Dedicated Relationship Managers:
    • Personalized service from our Dedicated Relationship Manager (CRM) team.
    • Educating & coaching about the disciplinary trading approach in Commodities.
    • Studying price movements & advising client on trading opportunities on real time basis using various tools.
    • Trading calls to client on actively traded commodities via SUSHIL CONNECT.
  • Strong back office support: 27*7 online backoffice support for net position , account statement , bills , trade summary etc.
  • Efficient online Trading Platform :
    • State of the art online trading platform.
    • Customized market watch with MCX, NCDEX & Equities on single screen.
    • Live streaming quotes
    • Live intraday trading calls & charting facility.

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