5 Financial Mantras by Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha, is the most loved and worshiped for his strong qualities. We all know the story of the Lord who is also now with great love and affection called the ‘Raja’. He was extremely committed to his mother’s instructions and accidently that led him to confront his father Lord Shiva, who then beheaded him without knowing that he was son of Parvati. It was then that his head was replaced by that of an elephant which gives Lord Ganesh strong character and peculiarity with a deep spiritual significance. Lord Ganesha is known as the god of wisdom, remover of obstacles, symbol of happiness, master of knowledge.. He is one of the most worshipped idol and is known to fix all the troubles of a true worshipper. Lord Ganesha is also worshiped to bless with wealth and financial wellness. Let us look at financial mantras taught by “The Raja” himself : -

1. Big Head and Small Eyes : The Lord’s big head tells us to think wisely and think big. Think about all your goals that you want to achieve and be bold to think big. Always consult a person who will have the right knowledge as and that in the world of Finance it is only Knowledge that wins over a period of time. The small eyes teach us to focus on the planned goals with full concentration. We all have goals/ plans in life, but unfortunately we don’t focus much and after setting our goals we get distracted. This distraction is the evil and a sharp focus on the plan is must.

In the year 2010 many invested in Equity Mutual Funds for 3 years. However at the end of one year the market had not performed and most of them withdrew the money thinking Fixed Deposits is better and with more sur surety e. But had they stuck to their goals they would have made 3 times the money today at the end of 7 years beating all the fixed income products.

2. Large Ears and Small Mouth : Lord Ganesha is also, fondly known as Lambakarna because of his large ears. This tells us to listen more and talk less. As we all know, today, there is lot of financial advice easily available through TV, newspaper, financial websites and social media. One needs to keep ones ears wide open to glean the best advice and opt for right investment decisions.

However, one should be careful while sharing ones financial plans and it has to be discussed with a trustworthy person only. Never openly discuss about your financial plans as it is likely that people will take benefit and try to misguide you. At the end always have a proper watch on your Portfolio and keep regular meetings with your Advisor.

3. Large Stomach : The name Lambodara also suggest the pot belly of Lord Ganesha. This gives us a strong message to to peacefully digest all good and bad in life. As we are aware that our investments are subject to market conditions, we should not get waivered because of the Ups and Downs of the Market. We should not get into market predictions. Market conditions vary due to several macroeconomic factors which are not in our control. Focus on the long term and you won’t be go wrong. Further, use SIPs as a easily available tool to digest these ups and downs and get a good average.

Doing a SIP or STP, will help you maintain your cool and work towards making best out of the current situations. Similarly if you are owning a stock and it corrects very quickly by about 30% then maybe our study is wrong and one needs to check the fundamentals of the company. In any case do not hesitate to cut your losses if the fundamentals have gone wrong. For e.g. Exit of Vishal Sikka has now made future of Infosys Ltd not very clear hence before a new head comes and starts again repairing the damage it could take time.

4. Mouse : Ganeshas ride is considered as one’s desire which needs to be kept under control. While drafting a financial plan one needs to understand the difference between needs and wants accordingly chalk out the investments. Always curtail your spends to achieve the larger goals of life. If the Lord can travel on a mouse then we can certainly also control our desires and save for the future.

As per financial planning norms one should at least save more than 30% if not more, of his/her income which is the average of the country and invest it for future goals. Also we must note that the mouse is Lord Ganesha’s friend. Always have that trustworthy friend / advisor who can guide you through your financial journey.

5. Prasada : The Prasad or Sweets that we are offered at the end of our prayers is also the fruit of our hard work and dedication.. One can reap these sweets in form of wealth and achieve d financial goals only after going through all odds and hardships with strict discipline and focus. If you ever have got a chance to visit the most revered Ganesha of Mumbai, the “Lalbaug Cha Raja” you will realize that one has to wait in the line for a full night and his/her chance comes after more than 10 hours. However, at the end, the prayers are truly divine when you see the majestic idol of Lord Ganesha shining in front of you. This is the benefit of dedication and focus with discipline.

To summarize the teachings of Lord Ganesha and the learnings of the festival is that one has to have a wise advisor alongside and have his vision locked with a focus. Few ups and downs will always happen through ones financial journey but don’t let it bog you down and go into disbelief. Enjoy the Ganesha festival and take a vow to ensure that you do a proper financial planning with an advisor whom you trust.

Vatsal Shah | Head - Wealth Management
He has been in the field of financial advisory for more than 8 years. His strength is building relationships and providing innovative solutions to investments. His work involves managing the wealth management department for Mutual Funds, IPOs, Bonds and Insurance.

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