Investments Lessons From Ashtavinayak


The deity is three-eyed, seated with his trunk turned towards the left. It is believed that Lord Ganesha riding a peacock (popular in the region) slew the demon Sindhu in response to pleas from the gods. The idol has a cobra poised over it, protecting it, and is flanked by Siddhi (capability) and Riddhi (Intelligence)- one must begin their investment journey with proper financial advisors and planning. Analysis of one’s risk appetite and use of appropriate investment vehicles are essential first steps towards investment success.

This is the only murti amongst eight Ganesha murtis with the trunk positioned to the right. The right-sided trunk Ganesha is supposed to be very strict for the devotees. To make one round around the temple, one has to make the round trip of the hillock on which the temple is built- this signifies that to achieve a greater level of success, the effort and preparations should also be in accordance. One should not take investment decisions on hearsay. Instead, every investor should put in sufficient efforts to understand the investment products being sold to them before investing.

It is believed that Ganesh saved his devotee named Ballal who was beaten by his villagers including his father for his single-minded devotion to him- what we can learn from this story of the little boy, is that all of us should have a single-minded focus while planning for our goals and invest prudently in order to achieve them. There will be many friends who will try to give you suggestions and dissuade you from your plan, but once you have taken a decision, have faith that your devotion will pay off.

The idol faces east and has his trunk turned to the left. Ganesh as Varad Vinayak fulfills all the dreams and desires plus grants all the boons- With patience all your dreams and desires will get fulfilled.

Ganesh as Chintamani is a god who brings peace of mind & drives away all the perplexities of the mind. Ganesha is believed to have got back the precious Chintamani jewel from the greedy Guna for sage Kapila at this spot. After bringing back the jewel, sage Kapila put it in Ganesha’s neck- we can take an important lesson from this story-one should be content with what they have as greed doesn’t result in anything positive. This is extremely important in the investing world where people driven by greed chase speculative short-term gains and often end up with huge losses when a few years of patience could have yielded in a Chintamani jewel of their own.

Girijatmaj Vinayak refers to the Ganesh as the son of Parvati. This is the only Ashtavinayaka temple that is built on a mountain and is set in a Buddhist cave temple. This temple stands amidst a cave complex of 18 caves of Buddhist origin- investing in the financial markets is all about temperament. One must hold their ground in tough times and have the zen mindset of a Buddhist. Endure the volatility so you can achieve mountain heights when the tide turns. To neutralize the volatility, invest regularly through SIPs.

Lord Ganesha at Ozhar is known as Vigneshwara or the remover of all obstacles which he achieved by vanquishing the demon Vighnasura. Vighna in Sanskrit means a sudden interruption in the ongoing work due to some unforeseen, unwarranted event or cause- Your financial advisor acts as a Vighna Harta while taking any financial decision, who saves you from unwanted obstacles. Choose a capable advisor who understands your investment objectives and helps you achieve them.

Mahaganapati is one of the most powerful representations of Lord Ganesh. It is the eighth and last Ganesh Temple and is portrayed, seated on a lotus, flanked by his consorts Siddhi (capability) and Riddhi (stability)- In the end, your life would be strengthened by your wiser financial decision aided by right financial advice which can lead to Maha-gains!

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi
Happy Investing !!

Yash Diwate|Sushil Financial Services Pvt Ltd

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    Sushil always give us valuable messages about investments. Yashji, once again u proved the same. But this investment is for Life. Thanks to u Yashji and Sushil.

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