What you should do for Mahurat Trading


Many investors would have received our Mahurat Picks – which is a list of stocks recommended from Mahurat year to another one. Fundamentally speaking, there is no correlation between a business and the mahurat so what is good for a Mahurat trading day is also good or bad for investment on any other day. However, Mahurat has a strong socio-psychological significance. The emotional aspect about mahurat trading is far stronger than anything else and this is what makes it exciting and unique. We at Sushil Finance were one of the first brokers to actually come out with a list of Mahurat stocks way back in 1990s and still continue the tradition, which is followed by many.

According to Indian astrology, Muhurat is a unit of measurement for
time in the Hindu calendar, which is approximately for 48 minutes. Muhurat is considered is an auspicious time to commence or accomplish a task, wherein the planets align themselves in such a way that, one faces minimal or no obstacles.

As Diwali is considered as a beginning of New Year, it’s widely believed that trading done on Mahurat during Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth) Puja will bring wealth and prosperity throughout the year. It is for these blessings from the Goddess do investors look at investing in a few good stocks and make a new beginning to the year!

As an investor you must consider the following few things for Investments:

1) Clean your portfolio - Just like every year we clean our houses of all the accumulated dirt in our
house , similarly begin the new year by clearing the mess in your Portfolio. In the last one year you may have made some good investment decisions and some bad! Its time to correct the bad ones. Book losses in the ones which are not expected to give returns or havent performed with the market. Sell those stocks which dont have good results from last 2-3 quarters. You can take suggestion from a good advisor or broker as well. This will also help you making some cash available.

2) Do some Homework! - From the various list of stocks that are recommended, identify business or stocks to invest and put down the price and targets and the price at which you would cut your losses. Then read about the business and results of each of the stocks if you
dont like it, drop it. This will help you prepare for the next Mahurat Year. Do not just blindly go by here say always do your own Analysis before investing even if it is basic... it should bring comfort to you.

3) Size your portfolio - Portfolio sizing is as important as picking the right stocks. There are various studies available that speak about Portfolio Sizing and it is equally complicated as
selection of the best stocks. However, you need to have a proper plan before investing. Once you make your list of stocks to buy allocate the total amount you want to invest in each of those stocks over next 1 year. Ideally follow a strategy of 60% in Large / Mid cap and 40% in small caps.

4) Pray Regularly! - as we should thank each day in our lives by praying to The Supreme Gods, likewise praying in investing is also doing your "Paath" regularly. In
short keep reading about your Stocks ... again and again… try to question the reason you own them and every time you do that you will learn something about them. This will help you to build your own judgment. Always remember No investor, absolutely no one who has made it big in the markets has done it by luck! It’s sheer hard work and continuous reading.

dont time the markets. The markets are now hovering around their all-time highs and we always hear this as a major cause of concern. It is surprising that most investors are worried that the market is running away too fast or are scared if it has corrected even 10%. It is only the ones who can isolate their emotions from the ups and downs of the market that do well.

Good investing and wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year for Samvat 2074 (Hindu Year).

Vatsal Shah | Head - Wealth Management
He has been in the field of financial advisory for more than 8 years. His strength is building relationships and providing innovative solutions to investments. His work involves managing the wealth management department for Mutual Funds, IPOs, Bonds and Insurance.

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