FAQs on Depository Services

Depository Services

In the times of T+2 having a demat account linked to your trading account becomes really convenient. The non-trading clients can also avail Demat Account with Sushil Finance also.

Today Sushil Finance DP Services are available in 148+ business location across country having more than 1,25,000+ accounts having more than 14,000+ Cr cumulative value shares in their account . This is because of the investors trust with Sushil Finance. Demat Account holder with Sushil Finance receive regular information of their Demat account from dedicated & experienced customer service representatives.


  • Register for CDSL's SMS Alert facility - SMART & obtain alerts for any debits or credits due to a corporate action, in your demat account.
  • Accept the DIS book from your DP, only if each slip has been pre-printed with a serial number along with your demat account number & keep it in safe custody.
  • Always mention the details like ISIN, number of securities accurately. In case of any queries, please contact your DP or Broker.
  • Ensure that all demat account holder(s) sign on the DIS & please strike out any blank space on the slip. Cancellations or corrections on the DIS should be countersigned by all the account holder(s).
  • Submit the DIS ahead of the delivery date for all type of market transactions. DIS can be issued with a future execution date.
  • Intimate any change of address or change in bank account details to your DP immediately.
  • Check the demat performance of the issuer company with your DP before sending certificates for demat. Before sending the shares to DP for dematerialisation please check with DP whether that company is in demat list or not.
  • Before granting Power of Attorney to anyone to operate your demat account, carefully examine the scope & implications of powers being granted.
  • The demat account has a nomination facility & it is advisable to appoint a nominee, in case of sole account holders.
  • Ensure that, both, your holding & transaction statements are received periodically as instructed to your DP. You are entitled to receive a transaction statement every month if you have any transactions & once a quarter if there has been no transactions in your account.
  • Check your demat account statement on receipt. In case you notice any unauthorized debits or credits, contact your DP for clarifications immediately.


  • Do not leave your instruction slip book with anyone else. Do not sign blank DIS as it is equivalent to a bearer cheque. Avoid over-writing, cancellations, misspellings, changing of the name & quantity of securities.