Kindly note that on account of settlement holiday ( Parsi New Year ) 17th August, 2017 (Thursday),there will be no pay in and payout on 17th August, 2017 (Thursday),Hence pay in pay out of Trading Date 16th August, 2017&17th August, 2017 will be on 21st August, 2017, So Kindly check the email and Settlement Master from Branch Login under the option Stock Account for your reference.  Client can do Inter Settlement in normal course i.e. If client has purchased stock in sett. BSE_RM/TT-1718095 / NSE_N/TT- 2017155 (16-08-2017) then client can sale the same stock in sett. BSE_RM/TT-1718096 / NSE_N/TT- 2017156 (17-08-2017) subject to market shortage on client’s risk. Regards, Treasury Team- Contact No. – 022-40778073-21.



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